Great reviews for Lights of Mankind: Earth at Night from Space


“A Raging Explosion of Light.”

Astronaut Douglas Wheelock called Earth at night a raging explosion of light. I saw this picture and knew it had to be in my book, Lights of Mankind.

Where do your dreams take you?

One days these tracks may be the very tracks we’ll follow as we follow our own dreams of space. Baikonur…maybe New Mexico. But …someday.

The Terminator 2

Lights of Mankind: The Earth at Night as Seen from Space [Hardcover]
L. Douglas Keeney (Author)
“Stunning images.” —New York Daily News

“Earthlings are seeing their planet in a whole new light, thanks to NASA and its astronauts aboard the Internet-wired space station. They’re beaming down dazzling images and guess-this-mystery-location photos via Twitter and have even launched a game. Landlubbers the world over are eating it up. From schoolchildren to grown-up business entrepreneurs and artists, the public is captivated and can’t seem to get enough.” –Huffington Post

“The eggshell.”

Astronaut Sandy Mangnus said she was amazed by how thin our atmosphere is — eggshell thin, she said. You can see it in this picture. Lookinng down the boot of Italy towards Tunisa. From Lights of Mankind

The Terminator

This isn’t such an unusual photo — not in the sense of having seen something like this before — until you know that the space that bridges the transition between day and night is called the terminator, a place with exquisite hues of deep blues and startling reds.

Lights of Mankind

Join me in an extraordinary exploration of our planet Erath as seen from space at night. Five astronaust provide their perspectives in my new book, Lights of Mankind: Earth at Night From Space. Thanks.